Labor Day Machine Gun shoot
Saturday, September 1st, 2018 

Included with all ticket purchases 


  • Free parking

  • Free to walk the incredible Machine Gun line 

  • Free shared use of one line position to shoot your own weapon

Remember, kids under 14 are always FREE!

Ticket Prices


Advanced online ticket sales ended 8/25.


Tickets available day of show - $20 CASH only at the gate

Day of Show:  $20, cash only at the gate 

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Machine Gun Line Schedule

Gauntlet Package

Jungle Hike

**FREE** Rockwell Tactical Group Workshops

Machine Gun Line Schedule
SATURDAY September 1, 2018

9:30am    Gates open to the public 

10:00am  National Anthem

10:15am  Line goes hot!!

1:00pm    Machine Gun Tree Cutting Contest!

5:00pm    Show ends

7:00pm    After hours party at Oliver's Pub & Grill 

Other Events

The Gauntlet Package


Shoot the following 3 weapons


  • Barrett M107A1 50 BMG (9 rounds)

  • FN SCARS 16 Full Auto (30 rd mag)

  • Desert Eagle 50AE Apocalypse (5 Rounds)



Cost $145

Available day of show at the Stone Mountain Tactical firing lane




  • This is a 2 gun JUNGLE course! It is open to ALL skill levels and athletic abilities! You do need to have had any prior experience!!

  • Steel and Auto Targets!

  • High score will WIN A PRIZE!!

Jungle Hike


  • 2 Gun course

  • Engage steel & AutoTargets

  • Barricades

  • Obstacles

  • Fastest time/highest score wins!


You are required to supply:


  • AR15 or similar, 2 mags and sling

  • Handgun with belt/holster/2 mags

  • Ammo (no green tip or armor piercing)

  • Eye and Ear protection


Ask us day of show if time slots still available to book


Rockwell Tactical Group Workshops!

These exclusive Workshops are FREE compliments of 

Rockwell Tactical Group and Shooters Gauntlet!!!

Limited to 20 people per Workshop

  1. 10am-11:30am Carbine Workshop

  2. 1pm-2:30pm Pistol Workshop

  3. 3pm-4:30pm Carbine Workshop



Limited to 20 people per Workshop


You will need: eye and ear pro, carbine or rifle, sling, 3 mags and 150 rounds of ammo. No green tip or Armor piercing. 



You will need: eye and ear pro, pistol, holster, 3 mags and 150 rounds of ammo.

Note:  You will need to purchase a General Admission ticket to attend the Workshops

General Admission tickets can be purchased at the gate - $20 CASH only