Labor Day Weekend Machine Gun shoot
Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Ticket Prices


General Admission:   $10 per person* 

*Get a Free Shooters Gauntlet Patch at check-in, when you buy in advance 

(online ticket sales end 8/25/19)

Day of Show:  $10 - CASH ONLY at the gate 

Kids under 14 years old are FREE

**REQUIRED:  All attendees must wear eye and ear protection on the Machine Gun range

We will have eye and ear protection for sale on site:

Eye Protection   $3        Ear Protection    $1

Online Ticket Sales ended 8/25

Tickets available at the gate - $10 CASH ONLY

Included with ticket purchase 

  • Free parking

  • Free to walk the incredible Machine Gun line 

  • Free shared use of 1 line position to shoot your own weapon

Event Frequent Questions and Answers:

Q: If I don't own a machine gun can I still come?

A: YES - You can come and watch.  Many of the machine gunners rent their machine guns if you want to shoot.


Q: Can I bring my own firearm to shoot?

A: YES - but there are some restrictions.  We keep 1 position open for general attendees to shoot at no additional charge.  You are limited to 1 handgun and 1 rifle.  Only 1 mag can be shot when there is a line of people waiting to shoot.

Q: Can I bring my young kids?

A: YES - Kids under 14 are free.  

Q: Are there age restrictions for shooting?

A: YES - Children 14yrs-17yrs can shoot semi auto only - no full automatic.  Under 14yrs old cannot shoot - spectator only.  All minors need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Q: Do you have food and drinks available for purchase?

A: YES - a food vendor is on-site during the event.


Q: Do you Destroy cars with machine guns?



Q: Is parking free?



Q: Do I need eye and ear protection?

A: YES - we also have available for purchase on-site


Q: Rain or Shine?


Small Heading

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Machine Gun Line Schedule

Gauntlet Package

Long Range

Combat Hike

Machine Gun Line Schedule
SATURDAY August 31, 2019

9:45am    Gates open to the public 

10:00am  National Anthem

10:15am  Line goes hot!!

1:00pm    Machine Gun Tree Cutting Contest!

4:00pm    Show ends

5:30pm    Party at Oliver's Pub & Grill (Wysox, PA)

Other Events

The Gauntlet Package


Shoot the following 5 weapons:


  • Barrett M99 50 BMG  (Bolt Action)                $10/Rd

  • Barrett M107A1 50 BMG (10 Rd-Mag)            $80/Mag

  • FN SCARS 16 Full Auto (30 Rd-Mag)              $35/Mag

  • Desert Eagle 50AE Apocalypse (7 Rd-Mag)     $25/Mag

  • S&W 500 Magnum Revolver (6 Rounds)         $25/6 Rds

$175 $140*

* Special advance purchase price

available until 8/25/19


Shoot on our Delta Range

Targets out to 1100 yards!



  • 1 hour of range time (allow 90 mins total for transport to and from the range)

  • Engage steel targets from 100 to 1100 yards

  • Includes Pinzgauer transportation to and from the off gird range


Price - $50 per shooter

(Must have your own rifle)

Rent our 6.5 Creedmore

$75 (includes up to 50 rounds)






No calibers larger than 338 Lapua Magnum without prior authorization from Bob

No green tip, no penetrator, no armor piercing ammo 




This is a 2 gun COMBAT course! It is open to ALL skill levels and athletic abilities! Prior experience not required!!

High score will WIN A PRIZE!!

Combat Hike


  • 2 Gun course

  • Engage targets

  • Barricades

  • Obstacles

  • High score wins!


You are required to supply:


  • AR15 or similar, 2 mags and sling

  • Handgun with belt/holster/2 mags

  • Ammo (no green tip or armor piercing)

  • Eye and Ear protection



Online registration closed

Spots still available

Check with us when on-site

Shooters Gauntlet, LLC.

3904 Millstone Rd.

Monroeton, PA (484)883-9067


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