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Shooters Gauntlet Presents


Saturday,Saturday, July 29th!

The Shooters Gauntlet has teamed up with AUTOTARGETS and USA CHEMICAL SUPPLY to bring you a fast paced, heart pumping action filled "friendly" competition! (Okay maybe not so friendly lol!)

Is in the HOUSE!

The Action starts at 10am at Shooters Gauntlet Machine Gun Range. Parking is FREE!!


The Adrenaline challenge is filled with obstacles, barricades, MOTION SENSING TARGETS, steel targets, and NO PAPER!!!!  

And if that is not enough....HOLD ON....did I mention that some of your targets will include triggering off multiple EXPLOSIONS!!!  

Okay THERE IS MORE!!!  Shoot SUPPRESSED!!!  RUN THE ENTIRE ADRENALINE CHALLENGE SUPPRESSED!! Bring your own or rent ours!! We have some COOL stuff!!!

Check out the video from our last Adrenaline Day - July 2016



Adrenaline Challenge Prizes

  • GRAND PRIZE includes 50 LBS of BINARY -X, TWO 60 round mag dumps on the FN SCARS 16, A full 10 round mag dump on the Barrett M107A1 50 BMG,  and Shooters Gauntlet swag!

  • 2 Runner up prizes will include a $50 discount coupon on any SHOOTERS GAUNTLET EVENT, PLUS, 4 Tickets to the Labor Day Machine Gun Shoot!

Speed Shoot Challenge

  • GRAND PRIZE includes 1 FREE AutoTargets static target kit (or a $300 credit towards a lift unit), a 50 round mag dump on the M11/9, A full 10 round mag dump on the Barrett M107A1 50 BMG, a 50lb kit of BINARY X and AutoTargets and Shooters Gauntlet swag!

  • 4 Runner up prizes will include a $50 discount coupon on any AutoTargets purchase of $100 or more, AutoTargets and Shooters Gauntlet swag!

This event is open to all, and you DO NOT need to be an experienced shooter! This is FRIENDLY FUN COMPETITION....though I (Bob) plan on obtaining the bragging rights!!!  Come join the fun, good food, and support YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!

$95 Includes the following

  • Full day admission

  • One (or more time permitting) runs through the ADRENALINE CHALLENGE

  • Continuous all day AutoTarget speed challenge.

  • TOP 20 scores by 3pm will get an additional run, use your BEST score to win!

  • An open spot on the line for continued all day shooting fun

  • Select NFA item rentals

  • Free parking

  • On site food and beverage

  • PHOTO CONTEST: Wear your tactical equipment, guns, ammo, AR' pic will win a prize!

As always, Shooters Gauntlet is a GUN ZONE. We DO NOT infringe on your gun carrying rights!! Feel free to carry concealed or open as long as you are LEGAL!

Included with your $95 ticket purchase

WOW...with each $95 ticket purchase receive $50 off any AutoTarget purchase of over $100, NO EXPIRATION!


We will have full auto, silencers, handguns, AR10's and AR15's for rental, ammo for sale, Binary X for sale, food, beverages, and who knows what else! 

Shooters Gauntlet, LLC.

3904 Millstone Rd.

Monroeton, PA (484)883-9067

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