Mid Summer Machine Gun BLast Special Event Details

Long Range 1500 yards

Terms and Conditions


  • You must provide your own weapons, ammo, optics

  • No green tip, armor piercing, tracer or incendiary ammo allowed. You will be removed from the range and held accountable.

  • No going down range 

  • We DO NOT provide instruction or spotting, though we will have two spotters to keep an eye on things. our staff (as most of you already know) are friendly and courteous and will lend a hand, but they are not here to teach or calculate ballistics. 

  • Should you bring anything larger than a 50 BMG, you must also bring your own targets, you MAY not shoot ours

  • We provide transportation to and from the 1500 yard range in our Pinzgauer. You may not bring your own vehicles up to the range.

  • Included is one free shot with OUR 338 Lapua at our 1500 yard target. 

  • No shooting beyond 1000 yards without proof of a prior long range class with SG, Rockwell Tactical Group or equivalent. Please call Bob to discuss. (484-883-9067)


Jungle Hike

Terms and Conditions


  • You must supply your own AR15 style weapon with a sling, two 30 round magazine, one handgun with a belt, holster, mag pouch and two 7 round magazines or one 14 round. (no more than 14 rounds allowed)

  • Each run is timed and scored (max time on the course is 5 minutes) Hustle if you want to win!

  • This course may involves "obstacles". You may elect to pass up on any obstacle but will have time added to your score.

  • Rules for scoring will be posted at the starting line

  • We do NOT teach how to use weapons for this. It is recommended that you be familiar with your AR style rifle and your handgun. 

  • Top scores win multiple prizes from various sponsors!!

Shooters Gauntlet, LLC.

3904 Millstone Rd.

Monroeton, PA (484)883-9067


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