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The new home of Rockwell Tactical Group!

"We are proud to have worked closely with Rockwell Tactical Group over the past two years. Our clients seek the best training and we are happy to announce that we are the new home for RTG!" Bob Raimo, owner of Shooters Gauntlet.



Rockwell Tactical Group specializes in "Mobile Training". As soldiers in the US Military, our instructors have operated and trained both in the US and around the world. No matter what ranges or equipment was available at the time, they were able to provide the same level of expert training. Now, this same training is available to you.  Now based out of the Northeast PA Region at Shooters Gauntlet,  Rockwell Tactical can deliver the same principle based training locally or on the move at your location*.


*For mobile training (we come to you), pricing will depend on the distance of travel and scope of the course. A site survey by one of our instructors will need to be conducted prior to any hands-on training course. Contact us with questions and requests for our mobile training - we will be happy to work with you.


RTG Training classes at Shooters Gauntlet  
Hunter Prep

We have all been there - the day before opening day, rushing to find a place to shoot, check zero, and get ready for the big day.  But for many hunters the annual “ritual” consists of a shooting bench, a box of ammo, a flat range and a known distance. You hang a paper target on a tree at 25, 50 or 100 yards. Some hunters are skilled enough to do this at say 200 yards. But what do you do when that buck of a lifetime appears at say 300, or 400 yards? Or at an unknown yardage? Walking or running? Is the shot uphill or downhill? Do you have your stable bench with you to shoot from? Are you confident your scope is really dead nuts zero? Or are you off just a bit at 100 yards and wondering what is effect at say 300 or 400 yards, or uphill or downhill?


If you want to learn to overcome these variables and master your rifle and the environment, this class is for you! Spend a day with our professional staff and let us instruct you on how to execute lethal, humane shots in actual field conditions you may encounter when the buck of a lifetime is in your scope! You will enjoy a full day of “practical practice” starting on our state of the art precision range engaging both stationary and moving targets from 100 to over 400 yards. Then you will progress to performing shots at unknown ranges at various inclines over the rest of our 1000 acre facility.


Topics covered:

  • Ballistics and point of impact for your cartridge

  • Check or zero your rifle in no more than 3 shots, every time

  • Establish  “Dead Zero”

  • Extend your range and increase your chances engaging targets from 100 to 400 yds

  • Engaging moving targets

  • Learn to pre-range and range targets

  • Increase speed and target acquisition

  • How to carry “prepared” for the quick shot

  • Scope turret modification (depending on your scope)

  • Effective zero holdover (really?)

  • Wind factors

  • Incline/decline effects on trajectory

You will need to bring:

  • Your hunting rifle, sling

  • 100 rounds of your hunting cartridge

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Hunting jacket and gloves

  • Note Pad, pen

  • Lunch/snacks/drinks (no Alcohol permitted)



  • Binoculars

  • Range finder

  • Appropriate clothing for weather and temperature (rain or shine)


*Traveling and want to come the night before? Stay in our bunkhouses deep in the woods (2.5 miles off road - 4wd required) for $25 per person, bunk and camp pad included. You will need sleeping bag/pillow or bedding of your choice. Hot showers available or enjoy a discount at local hotels.


Course Dates: Call to schedule your own

Course Fee: $149

Precision Long Range Rifle

Our introduction to long range precision shooting is designed for the person who wants to develop and build both the SKILLS and CONFIDENCE when reaching out to 600 yards. 


Our program centers around you, a fun time, and building a solid foundation to prepare you for the next level, reaching out to over 1000 yards! We use a common sense and methodical approach not found anyplace, and his laid back and in depth knowledge approach to teaching will give you the results you want. 

This two day course has limited classroom time and is almost entirely spent on our 1100 yard range getting down to business!

Topics covered:

  • Fitting the rifle to you

  • First and second focal plane

  • Cold bore shooting

  • Ballistics

  • Bench rest shooting, sand bag shooting, bi-pod, sling assisted and more

  • Wind reading

  • Mirage reading


  • Two days of shooting

  • Steel, paper and electronic targets

  • Overnight accommodations at our Gauntlet compound

  • Hot showers

Required (not Included)

  • Sub MOA rifle (it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve success with anything less)

  • Good Quality Optics (at least 10 power, MOA or MIL). Anything less will yield poor results

  • Preferred caliber is .556 or .308

  • 250 rounds of match quality ammo

  • Shooting mat, blanket or equivalent

*We have available to rent, custom, high quality, match grade AR 15's and AR10's to rent that shoot 1/2 MOA at 600 yards minimum. Fee, $100

Course Dates: This classs will be taught based on date availability. If you have a date in mind, contact us!

Class size is 1-6

Course Fee: $399

WHEN:             November 18, 2017
TIME:                9am - 6pm
LOCATION:      Blue Mtn Rod & Gun Club
                           105 Rutt Road
                           Bangor, PA 18013
PRICE:               $150

This is an NRA sanctioned RSO (Range Safety Officer) course that results in an NRA certification. This class is being taught by staff member Chuck Lehnert!!


Registration is being redirected to the NRA portal for Chuck Lehnert. To get more information and to register, simply click the register button below.





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