Long Range Workshop

With USMC Scout Sniper

Here is a rare opportunity to get hands-on long range experience with combat veteran sniper, Jason Delgado.


"Against hardened jihadists, Jason proved to be a warrior capable of turning the tide in several of the most harrowing and historically important battles...."

-Bounty Hunter 4/3


This two day special event is open to those who have a desire to push limits, enjoy spirited camaraderie and get tips and pointers from a seasoned warrior! Open to anyone with long range experience. Seats are limited.

Sat & Sun May 23rd-24th

We will meet on Sat 9am at the main parking area at Shooters Gauntlet. Those with AWD or 4WD will traverse off grid to DELTA range. Those with cars may leave them parked and travel with us in one of our off grid military vehicles or Side by side. 

Topics will include:

  • Weapons overview

  • Optics

  • Body positioning

  • Breath control

  • Rangefinding

  • Ballistics

  • Working with a spotter

  • External ballistics 

  • Wind calls

  • Target engagement

  • Moving targets

  • Physiology and psychology of target engagement 

  • Caliber and bullet selection

  • Equipment field maintenance


You will need, not included

  • Minimum Caliber 6.5 Creedmore

  • Weapon platform capable of 1MOA@100 yards, Tactical MIL or MOA Optics (no hunting reticles) plus 150 rounds of ammo

  • Shooting mat, shooting bag, bipod, etc.

  • Eye and ear pro

  • Ballistics for your weapon platform 

  • All personal gear, weather appropriate 

  • Lunch/snacks/water


Date: Sat May 23,  9am -5pm

          Sun May 24, 9am-3pm

Weapons Rental (includes ammo $300)

Workshop Cost: $495