Stone Mountain

Machine Gun Shoot

June 3-4, 2017

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General Description:
It’s Finally here! The Second Annual Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot and Gun Show, brought to you by Shooters Gauntlet LLC and the Firearms Industry Consulting Group, has many improvements and keeps on getting better! Join us and enjoy your Second Amendment rights with friends and family!

Join us on June 3rd/4th for a fun filled,
explosive machine gun shoot! USA CHEMICAL will be in the house, and you already know what these guys do. Our machine gun range will be filled with their targets and the Machine Gunners love it! Names Like Dennis A Todd, Ed Weitzman, Rockwell Tactical Group, and more will be in attendance.

Our main Exhibitor section and suppressed firing line have been completely renovated and is now under cover! Visit with various manufacturers, retailers and suppressor gurus while having an opportunity to try their silencers. Firearms, ammo, magazines, shirts, hats, holsters, slings, and all sorts of gun related merchandise will be on display and on sale. 
Don’t forget to register early for our
Special Activities. They were completely sold out last year!

There will be activities such as shooting our 50 BMG’s or stretching out your own long distance experience on our 1100 yard range with a new and improved covered platform. Shoot upside down on our updated inversion rack, or venture on our new assault hike with one of the best target systems available, AUTOTARGETS. Oh, and where else can you shoot a handgun from a zip-line?

                                          STONE MOUNTAIN MACHINE GUN SHOOT 2017, DON'T MISS IT!
Saturday 6/3/17  10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday   6/4/17  10:00am - 3:00pm
Exhibitors & Machine Gunners:
General Admission & Special Activities
***be sure to mention Shooters Gauntlet for reduced rates***

Look who's coming!!

stone mountain

machine gun shoot & gun show


Dennis A Todd

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