If you would like a line position, please click here and send us all your contact information and which shoot you are interested in. 


We still have positions available behind the machine gun line. Spots are $150/10' spot, and you must bring your own table, tent and chairs.

Contact Bob to register and pay. 

June 5/6, 2021

Machine Gunner/Vendor Information


I would like to thank all our machine gunners/vendors for all you support as we roll into our 6th year of machine gun shoots. Last year, even with COVID-19 ....we sold out of line positions for both our June Shoot and our September Shoot! And as of now are sold out for 2021! 


As you know I make improvements each year, and as such each shoot gets better and more efficient. For this coming year I have upgraded the wifi, purchased a dump trailer to bring out onto the range for easier cleanup on Sunday, and plan a second platform for increased safety. I was able to hold prices at $225 per line position from 2018 through 2020, and as I had mentioned last shoot in September we would be raising rices in 2021 to $250 per line position.

Additionally we will still allow vendors to setup behind the machine gun line, space permitting.  If you are interested in being a vendor, the rate is $150 per 10x10 space, and we do NOT include any tents, tables chairs etc. You must furnish your own. You must also occupy your vendor area for BOTH days. We do not allow early departures for vendors or machine gunners. Those that left, have I keep a list and they are not allowed back. It's not fair to our attendees that can't make Saturday but come Sunday and machine gummers or vendors have left. 


If your name is listed on the Machine gun line below, that is what we currently have you registered for. You will be invoiced by no later than the end of February and payment is due upon receipt. Should you have any questions or are NOT INVOICED/CONTACTED BY THE END FEBRUARY, CALL BOB at 484-883-9067.

If your name is NOT on the MG line legend below and you would like to check for availability for our upcoming June 5/6, 2021 shoot,  please call Bob at 484-883-9067 or  email us.

As for the September 2021 shoot, we will be going live with registration in the next few months. Currently the September shoot is also sold out. 


June 2021 Line Position/Machine Gunner legend as of 6/2/2021

(line positions locations are not guaranteed and you may be moved at anytime to another location for logistical reasons)

1. Open to Public

2. Stone Mtn Tactical

3. Stone Mtn Tactical

4. Tri State Tactical

5. Tri State Tactical

6. Bill Luongo

7. DNA Guns

8. DNA Guns

9. DNA Guns

10. Old Dominion

11. CPM Landscaping

12. CPM Landscaping

13. CPM Landscaping

14. Fork Auto

15. Fork Auto

16. Fork Auto

17. Fork Auto

18. Fork Auto

19. Bill Ellsworth

20. TP Imports

21. TP Imports

22. TP Imports

23. TP Imports

24. York Rifles

25. York Rifles

26. York Rifles

27. Dan DiBlasio

28. Dan DiBlasio

29. Zeller Armory

30. Zeller Armory

31. Zeller Armory

32. SAS MG Group

33. SAS MG Group

34. SAS MG Group

35. RAFF Tactical

36. RAFF Tactical

37. RAFF Tactical

38. RAFF Tactical

39. Dennis A Todd

40. Dennis A Todd


41. Dennis A Todd

42. Dennis A Todd

43. Dennis A Todd

44. Dennis A Todd

45. Dennis A Todd

46. US Armament

47. US Armament

48. CSO Tactical

49. CSO Tactical

50. CSO Tactical

51. CSO Tactical

52. Gargen Guns

53. Gargen Guns

54. Gargen Guns

55. Gargen Guns

56. Steve Carlesco

57. Steve Carlesco


59. Nulty Embalming Service

60. Auto Targets

61. Auto Targets

62. Tony Yackowski

63. Stone Mtn Tactical

64. Stone Mtn Tactical


If you would like to be placed on our Machine Gun waiting list, please email or call Bob at 484-883-9067