Presented by

Tony Kates


Event Dates: August 25,26,27

Friday  Aug 25

5-6pm            Check in at Shooters Gauntlet

7-?                  Dinner/campfire

Saturday Aug 26

8am                Breakfast

9am-12pm     Hostage House and Zip Line (2 runs p/p)

12-1pm          Lunch

1-6pm            Hostage House and Zip Line (con't)

6-?                  Dinner /campfire

Sunday Aug 27

8am               Breakfast

9-1pm           Long Range Shooting  and Taliban Run

1-2pm           Steel Pit

2pm              Checkout


  • 2 nights overnight accommodations (bunkhouse, bunks with camp pads)

  • Hot showers

  • Firewood for campfire

  • Use of pavilion for cooking

  • All targets, clay pigeons 

  • Sniper rifle, suppressed, 5 rounds each

  • 50 BMG Rental, 2 rounds each

  • FN SCARS Full Auto Rental and (1) 30 round magazine

  • 12 gauge Shotgun, 20 rounds each

Not Included but required:

  • Handgun (9mm, .40, .45), with holster, 2 magazines, 250 rounds of ammo. Handgun may be rented for $35/day , ammo not included

  • AR15 ammo, 90 rounds (no penetrator rounds). AR15 may be rented for $65 for the day, ammo not included

  • Any long range rifle/caliber, (Example, AR15, 308, 30-06, 7mm etc) plus 25 rounds minimum for long range shooting from 100 yards out to 600 yards, and out to 1100 if you like. AR10 and 308 Sniper rifle may be rented for $85 each for the day, ammo not included

  • Food and drink, plates, napkins, silverware etc.

  • Ear and eye protection

  • All personal equipment, rain gear, bug spray, toiletries

Alcohol policy for private events:

*You may consume alcohol that you provide during dinner AFTER all firearms have been secured. We have a ZERO tolerance to inappropriate behavior and you will be removed from the facility without refund should you become disorderly and inappropriate. 


Shooters Gauntlet, LLC.

3904 Millstone Rd.

Monroeton, PA (484)883-9067

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