Shooters Gauntlet LLC


First Annual 

Stone Mountain 

 Mid Summer Machine Gun Blast!


Saturday, July  21, 2018


Machine Gunner Terms and Conditions






As always, I listen to your feedback and try my damndest to accommodate and improve, do my best to provide you all with a place to have fun and unload! For those that have asked about a mid summer machine gun shoot, here you go! Also, I always keep in mind that without YOUR support and awesome display of weapons.......need I say more...


Thanks for your patronage,






  • The machine gun line will be open for set up on Friday, July 20th, 4-8pm, and Saturday, July 21, 7am-9am. We are not providing security overnight on Friday. You may leave your vehicles/trailers in the parking area adjacent to the machine gun range overnight, but not on the line. The line must be clear by 8pm on Friday, and all machine gunners must have all vehicles and trailers off the line and parked in the parking area by 9am Saturday. The gates will open at 9:30 am to the general public.   NO EXCEPTIONS.



  • The show ends Saturday at 5 pm. Breakdown begins thereafter. 



  • Gates are open to the general public from 9:30am till 5pm. 



  • There will be no security provided for those that set up Friday night.


  • The Machine Gun Shoot is located on our main range, over the wooden bridge. 



  • Vendor(s) will be on site providing food and beverage on Saturday.

  • Complimentary coffee will be provided to gunners Saturday 7am-9am 

  • Breakfast will be available for purchase Saturday morning from 7 am till 11 am

  • We do not allow any BBQ or grilling, open flames etc.

  • NO ALCOHOL is allowed on premise

  • Portable toilets are on premise




  • All registrations are first to come, first serve. We reserve the right to move line positions as needed without notice.

  • All Machine Gunners are required to attend the RSO meeting 30 minutes prior to the start of the shoot

  • Each machine gun line position comes with 2 badges. If you need additional badges for staff, please contact us

  • Machine Gunners are required to wear their badge at all times in a visible fashion

  • All trash is to be placed in trash receptacles. Please leave the area around you as you found it

  • All spent shell casings are to be picked up and discarded in provided waste containers

  • There is NO ELECTRIC and only VERY POOR CELL SERVICE on location

  • We do not allow ANY discharge of firearms during set-up days. The ONLY time you may discharge a firearm is during normal show hours when on the machine gun line and ONLY under the direction of the RANGE OFFICERS

  • We do not provide any tables, chairs or tents other than some picnic tables for the general public. You may bring your own as long as your tent is no larger than the spot(s) you rented. 

  • All firearms on display/not in use MUST be unloaded and have chamber flags

  • No grilling of food is allowed on any part of Shooters Gauntlet Property. No alcohol is allowed on premise. No drugs or contraband is allowed on premise

  • Cancellations and no-shows are nonrefundable nor transferable and may result in being banned from future events

  • Target stands may be placed at any distance within the paper or explosion target area and must remain in your lane of fire

  • ONLY cardboard and paper targets, or biodegradable items such as watermelons, pumpkins, or other items of this nature, are permitted within the paper or explosion target areas. (Refer to Machine Gun Line Position Map)

  • Exploding targets and steel targets must be placed in the explosion area only. (Refer to Machine Gun Line Position Map)

  • Bowling pins, plastic jugs filled with water, are also acceptable targets and can be placed in the explosion area

  • It is YOUR responsibility at the end of the shoot to clean your line position and lane of fire of all spent shell casings, targets, and debris. Unwanted brass and targets are to be placed in provided receptacles

  • No TV's, computers, displays, lawnmowers, glass or metal items, cans, mugs, glassware, dishes, vases, beer and soda cans, or any other item that when impacted by bullets causes small metal, glass, plastic or other non-biodegradable fragments are permitted

  • All line positions are to be set up and free of all vehicles 60 minutes prior to the start of the shoot. Vehicles will not be allowed on the firing line until the entire event is over

  • We do not allow “early breakdown" of line positions

  • Shooting into the pond is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Violators may not receive any warning and may be automatically ejected from their line position without refund

  • Shooting ABOVE the impact berm AND/OR into or at trees is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Violators may not receive any warning and can be automatically ejected from their line position without refund

  • Shooting lanes are numbered both at the firing line and at the impact area

  • Shooting at targets other than those in YOUR LANE that YOU PUT UP is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please respect the other Machine Gunners and their targets

  • New for 2018 is many vehicles (at least 6) on the firing line. This is the ONLY target you may shoot at that is out of your lane 

  • USA CHEMICAL SUPPLY will be onsite and provides ample exploding targets.  We do not allow any other type of explosive targets

  • No Machine Gunner may leave after the close of the show on Sunday until they have been signed out by an RSO. You are responsible for cleanup in your ENTIRE LANE, or a $150 fee will be imposed. If the fee is not paid, you will not be allowed back until such time the fee is paid 

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