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Exceed The Ordinary

About Us


Hidden away in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, Shooters Gauntlet finds itself privately nestled away off grid and host to extreme events for the shooting enthusiast. We host, twice a year, one of the largest machine gun shoots in the world and we also offer unparalleled long range training on not just one, but two of the longest and most well designed long distance ranges in the country.


About Us



We are off grid in The Endless Mountains of Monroeton, Pennsylvania on nearly 1100 acres of pristine land.  It is mostly wooded and criss crossed by creeks and streams. Along our miles of trails, you will traverse through large rock formations, outcroppings, cliffs, steep inclines, and varied open terrain. Bordered by more than 18,000 acres of State Wildlife Game Lands, our  slice of heaven is home to many native species including black bear, whitetail deer, fox, coyote, bobcat, turkey, grouse, timber rattlesnake and more.  



Shooters Gauntlet is comprised of 4 ranges, the newly added K2 Hill, and a remote, "off grid compound" for those that prefer minimal overnight accommodations while on location. Our ranges are not open to the public; they are available for rental for those that seek a private environment for training/practice and other venues. We can provide all logistics, including ammo and weapons for groups both small and very large (hundreds).  Contact us for more details and rates. 

Alpha Range (Tactical)

  • Dimensions: 50 yards deep by 100 yards wide

    • tactical in nature

    • multiple conex containers

    • helo chassis

    • tunnel

    • concrete blocks

    • LOTS of steel, plate racks, wirily gigs, static boards for targets

    •  attack targets​


Bravo Range (Large)

  • Dimensions: 100 yards deep by 300 yards wide

    • large and open area

    • media stage/overwatch

    • jungle hike feature

    • pond

    • wood uprights for your targets


Click on photos to enlarge

Charlie Range (Long Range)

  • Length: 1220 yards 

    • covered platform 

    • rooftop shoot platform 

    • AR steel throughout

    • 100/300 yard wood upright for paper targets


Click on photos to enlarge

Delta Range (Long Range)

  • Length: 1485 yards 

  • Two shooting locations

    • lower elevation to 1100 yds

    • upper elevation to 1490 yards 

    • 100/300 yard wood upright for paper targets


Click on photos to enlarge

K2 Pass

  • Length: 3/4 mile

  • Elevation change: 800 feet

  • Features:

    • Stream crossing​

    • Slippery Slope

    • The Wall

    • Summit

K2 Pass, an upcoming, new feature challenge, is a gnarly hill climb that will test the will and soul of all those who attempt to conquer it. Multiple engagements will test the shooting ability of the stressed and worn out....

Off Grid Compound & Survival Camp

Both our off grid compound and survival camp is located on top of the mountains and requires 4wd to get to. Don't have 4wd? Inquire about our military transport options! The compound has a couple outhouses, a few converted sheds with camp pads, and a covered pavilion with BBQ, griddle and fire pit at the compound. As for the survival camp...think, survival!

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