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Range Rental Info

Range rental qualifications:

Alpha / Bravo Ranges:

  • Certified and insured instructor(s) when conducting a class

  • Certified Range Safety Officer(s) when overseeing a group

Charlie / Delta Ranges:

  • Certified and insured instructor(s) when conducting a class

  • Certified Range Safety Officer(s) when overseeing a group of long range certified shooters

  • Prior Shooters Gauntlet long range students who have completed LR Level 1 or equivalent (shooters must be evaluated and approved by Shooters Gauntlet, LLC)

2023 RATES (effective March 2023)

Alpha Range:

Description: Two tier range.  Upper level 50 yards deep by 100 yards wide. Lower level 20 yards deep by 40 yards wide.

Cost: $350/day or $20pp whichever is greater

Includes use of:

  • Conex containers, walls, doors, windows, tunnel

  • Plywood target uprights (4x8, qty 5)

  • Concrete block barriers, pallets, barrels spools

  • Assorted steel and plate racks

Parking:  On-site parking for trucks, AWD cars etc. Nearby parking for cars without AWD is about 75 yards away

Bravo Range:

Description: 100 yards deep by 300 yards wide. Pond. Open field.

Cost: $400/day or $20pp whichever is greater 

Includes use of:

  • 20x20 elevated platform (may be used as overwatch) 

  • Car chassis (when available), spools, barricades, barrels

  • Target racks and uprights (cardboard backers/targets avail for purchase)

  • Combat Hike Trail w/AR500 targets

Parking: On-site parking for all vehicles

Charlie Range:

Description: 1225 yards

Cost: $900/day or $100pp whichever is greater

Includes use of:

  • Covered shooting pavilion w/staircase to roof for observation, shooting with prior approval.  Accommodates 6 shooters at a time

  • 1 shooting bench (ambidextrous), prone gravel 

  • Multiple AR500 steel targets at varied distances

  • Wood rack for paper targets at 100/300yards

Parking:  Requires a 3 mile off road drive. AWD or 4wd required. Vehicles with lower ground clearance park in our general parking area and then carpool. Military vehicle transport is avail for an additional fee of $75/ roundtrip escort. 

Delta Range:

Description: 1485 yards. 2 shooting locations (A & B)

Cost: $1100/day or $110pp whichever is greater

Includes use of:

Shooting location A: 24x50 covered pavilion, 14 shooters at a time

  • Targets out to 1100 yards

  • 4 shooting bench’s (1 ambidextrous), prone gravel 

  • AR500 steel targets at various distances

  • Wooden target rack at 100 yards

  • Car chassis, barrels, barricades

Shooting location B: Elevated hill (no pavilion)

  • Target rack @ 100 yards, then 700 yards-1485 yards

  • Prone gravel

  • AR500 steel targets at various distances

  • Wooden target rack at 100y

  • Car chassis, barrels, barricades

Parking:  Requires a 3 mile off road drive. AWD or 4wd required. Vehicles with lower ground clearance park in our general parking area and then carpool. Military vehicle transport is avail for an additional fee of $75/ roundtrip escort. 


Pricing Discounts:

20% off:   Monday-Thursday all ranges

15% off:  Weekends (Friday-Sunday) when booking and paying in full for 5 or more dates


Booking Policy:

When booking more than 60 days in advance

  • 25% deposit is required to book the date(s)

  • Balance is due 60 days prior to your arrival


When booking less than 60 days in advance

  • Payment in full is required to book the date(s)


If looking to book several dates, please contact us for payment options.


Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations received with more than 60 days notice, prior to the start of the event, will receive a refund less 15%

  • Cancellations within 60 days of any event will receive a 50% credit toward another booking 

  • If The Shooters Gauntlet LLC cancels for any reason at any time you will receive a full refund

  • All refunds are processed within 30 days of written notice and are paid in the same manner which the payment was received

  • No shows are non-refundable


Cancellations MUST BE requested via written notice.


Written cancellation needs to be a certified letter (signature required) mailed to:

Shooters Gauntlet, LLC

500 Beacon Light Rd

Ulster PA 18850




You may send your cancellation request via email to, however we only accept emails as a form of cancellation when you receive a reply from us confirming the cancellation. 


Meeting Locations/Time:

Meet at Shooters Gauntlet, Millstone Road, Monroeton PA 18832 (directions on website, GPS will only get you close).  Please meet at or before your scheduled time.  To schedule a meet time, call Bob at 484-9883-9067 at least 3 days prior to your visit, or your instructors or lead person if you are with an outside group. 


For ALPHA range, meet at ALPHA range gate/parking area on Millstone Road.


For BRAVO range, continue south on Milestone Road (if you came in from Weston Road) for 1/10-mile past ALPHA range.  Stay LEFT at intersection and drive 100 yards

ahead to BRAVO range, continue over the wooden bridge to range. 


For CHARLIE/DELTA ranges, they are located 3 miles off road.  Meet at grass field parking area opposite



If you need to make arranges for transport to CHARLIE/DELTA range, wither carpool with fellow shooters that have the appropriate vehicles or call several days in advance to decide with Bob for military vehicle transport, if needed.  (Additional fees apply)


When traveling off road to CHARLIE/DELTA/COMPOUND:

Our main trails to and from our ranges and off grid compound are maintained and have signage. There are also many other trails on the grounds and venturing off the main trail is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.  There are warning signs and cameras throughout the facility monitoring activity.  ANYONE leaving the main trail system will get their ENTIRE GROUP BANNED.  Additionally, those who have ventured off have always needed recovery assistance.  The trails are steep and dangerous, and lead to dead ends without an ability to back up.  It is a $2500 fine if you are caught, and in addition, if you need to be recovered, it’s a minimum of $5000 cash up front before any equipment is brought in to recover your vehicle. 


Bathroom Facilities:  

Portable toilets are available on-site.

Barbecue and Open Flame Policy:  

There is a BBQ on Bravo, Charlie, and Delta ranges for your use.  We do not supply charcoal or any other supplies.  Prior to using the BBQ, please empty the prior coals anyplace in the wood-line.   Once you are finished using the BBQ, simply let the coals burn out and the next group to use it will do the same.  We do not allow any open flames, fire pits etc.  We do not provide any trash receptacles or bags.  You are responsible to remove ALL trash and take it with you.  This INCLUDES cigarette butts, etc.  Any person seen tossing a cigarette butt on the ground or in any other fashion littering, the ENTIRE GROUP will be asked to leave, no refunds, and all will be banned from our facility.  NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES.


Range Safety Officers:

You may provide your own Range Safety Officer/Instructor.  Certificates must be current and filed with Shooters Gauntlet.  If you do not have your own RSO, one will be provided at an additional cost of $150/day.  It is up to you and your group to exercise prudent and safe procedures.  The range is yours for the day from 9am- 5pm or any time in- between.  Each shooter and the group as a whole are responsible for every bullet fired.  You will be held accountable for errant rounds.  It is your responsibility to shoot within your skill level and your weapon’s capability.  


Caliber Restrictions:

We do not have any caliber restrictions, however, those calibers larger than .338 Lapua must first be registered with us prior to your arrival.  Simply send an email to indicating what weapon(s) you are planning to bring. 


For calibers larger than .338 Lapua, you MAY NOT shoot at our steel targets closer than 500 yards.  For 50BMG, no closer than 700 yards.  Any caliber larger than 50BMG you must bring your own targets.



We do not allow ANY bullet that penetrates steel. API, incendiary, tracers are STRICTLY forbidden.  We DO NOT ALLOW the use of any type of explosives; Tannerite, etc.  You and your group will be held liable for any event, be it a fire, damage to property, targets, injury and or death, etc. 



Some ranges we have a plywood target backer.  Please remove and discard all paper targets when you are finished.  On ranges equipped with steel targets, usually (depending on weather) you will find them freshly painted white, and in some cases a yellow circle will be in the center. 

  1. Targets are already numbered or lettered.  Only paint supplied by Shooters Gauntlet may be used to repaint the targets.  They must be repainted in the same fashion as when you found them.  If you have specific needs/requests for something different, please contact Shooters Gauntlet prior to arrival for approval. At the end of the day, targets must be repainted in the same fashion as when you found them, only using paint supplied by Shooters Gauntlet.

  2. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO OUR STEEL.  On the back of our steel plates there may be a number painted.  This number represents how many bullet impacts of damage are on that steel target prior to your use.  It is up to you to ensure this number is accurate if you plan on shooting our steel.  You will be charged as follows for damage to our steel: 

    1. $25 per dent

    2. $75 per hole

    3. $10 per target should we need to repaint them to cover any numbering or lettering or other markings you placed on our steel

    4. We do not charge for damage to our steel target holders/legs, brackets etc.

  3. You may bring your own steel or other targets and place them out at your discretion.  We do not allow any glass, computers, appliances, or other similar items to be used as targets.  You may ONLY shoot at paper or steel targets.  You are responsible for complete clean-up of all debris from your targets.  If you have a question on a suitable target that you would like to bring, call ahead first to get approval. 



Our property is abundant with wildlife including a large population of deer, black bear, bobcat, coyote, turkey etc.  It is common to see these animals on the range.  It is ILLEGAL and AGAINST our policy to engage wildlife in any manner.  Should any wildlife appear on the range while you are shooting at targets, simply continue to shoot at targets where there is no wildlife.  The wildlife will not stay long and venture off back into the woods.  Anyone that shoots at or otherwise engages our wildlife will be, as a group and/or individual, removed from the property, banned, and have a PA Game Commission Officer waiting for you upon departure from our property. 

FOR ALL QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, AND TO SET UP YOUR MEET TIME, CONTACT Bob at or call or text at 484-883-9067 

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