Our staff is a large and diverse cadre of both full time, part time and guest instructors and personalities, and the best volunteers for our machine gun shoots...and I do mean the best.


We have been lucky to surround ourselves with some of the nicest, smartest and most qualified staff members.  We value every one of them, and they range from all walks of like. They are courteous, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Honestly, Shooters Gauntlet is lucky and appreciative for all those that selflessly contribute to our growing popularity and success. They are family. 

Backgrounds include:

  • Military

  • Law enforcement

  • Corrections

  • Firefighting

  • First responders

  • Government contractors

  • Special forces

  • Private sector


Tactical Range
Inversion Rack

Meet Our Staff

Bob Raimo



Long Range Instructor

USCCA Instructor/Range Safety Officer

Ron Smith

8 time National match champion

Camp Perry USMC Shooting team

Long range record holder

Range Safety Officer

Justin Vititoe

Long Range Instructor

Survivalist Expert

Lt. Colonel Scott Wilcox

July 3, 1964 - July 19, 2017


God Speed to our friend Lt. Colonel (ret.) Scott Wilcox who departed this worlds adventure on July 19, 2017 for his next one!

Stephen Ralston


Long Range Instructor

Tactical Instructor

Chuck Lehnert

NRA Instructor Trainer

Range Safety Officer

Boyd Rowe


Range Safety Officer

Jason Delgado

USMC Scout Sniper

Long Range Instructor

Tactical Instructor



Boyd is our in-house  logistic guru. Do not let the beanie fool you, I rely on Boyd as my left hand man for operations and logistics.  When he loses the beanie, he will get promoted to right hand man. More than an invaluable friend, he keeps things running smoothly and his consult helps bring the adrenaline factor to the things we do here at Shooters Gauntlet. Feel free to ask him about crow hunting...nuff said....

Dean Cacciavillano


Range Safety Officer


Head Kidnapper