Labor Day Weekend Machine Gun Shoot
Special Activities!


Shooters Gauntlet introduces its newest challenge, the COMBAT HIKE! Be among the first to run this on Saturday, Sept 2nd during our annual Labor Day Weekend Machine Gun Shoot!

  • This is a 3 gun course! Bring your AR15, your handgun, and we supply the 3rd pickup shotgun!​ (shotgun/ammo included)

  • All new steel targets and challenges

  • Obstacles

  • Attack and Autotargets


  • Determination to be the best!

  • An AR15 with two 30 round magazines (no more than two is allowed)

  • Handgun (semi auto recommended) with a total of 25 rounds of ammo in as many magazines you need

PRICE: $40 per run when pre-purchased online *advanced purchase ended 8/26/17

              $50 per run - CASH ONLY at the gate


Weapon Rentals Available:  (ammo included)  *advanced purchase ended 8/26/17

 AR15:           $35 pre-purchased online  OR  $40 CASH ONLY at the gate 

 Handgun:    $20 pre-purchased online  OR   $25 CASH ONLY at the gate

Thermal Imaging Hike!

Shooters Gauntlet introduces its newest event, the THERMAL IMAGING HIKE! Using the latest in technology, we have teamed up with PULSAR and introduce the new Trail XPHD Thermal vision scope! 

​Engage targets that can only be seen with this latest technology! Hike along the woods seeking out thermal targets and engage them with our AR15! Includes AR15 rental and one 30 round magazine.

PRICE: $75 per run when pre-purchased online  *advanced purchase ended 8/26/17

              $85 per run - CASH ONLY at the gate

Other Things You Can do!

Weapons we have available for you to shoot:

(all of these will be located on the machine gun range)

Barrett M99 Bolt Action 

           $10 per round when pre-purchased online

           $15 per round - CASH ONLY at the gate 

Barrett M107A1 Semi Auto

           $75   per 10 round mag when pre-purchased online

           $100 per 10 round mag - CASH ONLY at the gate

FN SCARS 16 Full Auto

            $30 per 30 round mag when pre-purchased online

            $35 per 30 round mag - CASH ONLY at the gate

Desert Eagle 50AE

            $20 per 7 round mag when pre-purchased online

            $25 per 7 round mag - CASH ONLY at the gate

*advanced online purchase period ended 8/26/17

Online Special


Shoot the following:

  • Barrett M107A1 (10 round mag)

  • FN SCARS 16 (*with a single 60 round mag!)

  • Desert Eagle 50 AE (7 round mag)



*TRIFECTA package is no longer available