Situated in Monroeton Pennsylvania, nestled on over 1000 acres in the pristine Endless Mountains of Bradford County, we are heavily wooded, have numerous streams, ponds, miles of trails and are a host to an abundant of wildlife. 

We are:

  • 30 minutes south of the New York border

  • 1.5 hours west of Binghamton NY

  • 3.5 north of Delaware and Maryland

  • Major Airports within 4 hours or less are:

    • Kennedy and LaGuardia

    • Philadelphia 

    • Harrisburg and Pittsburgh

    • Wilkes-Barre Scranton

Tactical Range
Inversion Rack




  • Ample AR500 steelPlate racks

  • Attack targets

  • Automated targets

  • Hit Indicators

  • Obstacle course

  • Assault Hikes (varied distances up to several miles)

  • Shoot house

  • Zip Line

  • Inversion rack



Our facility strongly enforces the basic fundamentals and safety rules of firearms and encourage everyone to formulate and follow a reasonable composite risk assessment matrix. We know that everyone has different training and experience objectives and we do not impede on them as long as its fundamentally safe. 

  • 4 training ranges

    • ALPHA range, 50y x 120y

    • BRAVO range: 100y x 260y

    • CHARLIErange, 1200y*

    • DELTA range, 1500y*

* Our off grid compound, long range and extreme long range all require AWD to traverse to. 

Our off-grid compound*, which requires traversing 3 miles of off road trails with AWD vehicles, is an adventurer in itself to get to. No worries, if your vehicle is not AWD capable or you just prefer to not drive off road, we have you covered. We have a multitude of military vehicles to get you were your need to go. 

Our off grid compound features:

  • Heated pavillion

  • Wash station

  • Sleeps 16 in 4 bunkhouses

  • 2 hot showers

  • 2 long drops

  • Excellent cell service

  • Fire pit overlooking the Endless Mountains

  • Pease and quiet and no electric. Quiet generators allowed


While we are still growing, we are able to order in most supplies, weapons, optics etc. Please call for more information on this. 

In stock for our clients we sell:

  • Targets, backers and uprights 

  • Ammo, all calibers for handgun and rifle up to 50BMG

  • Eye and ear protection

We rent:

  • Handguns, precision rifles (large calibers), full auto, AR15's, AK47's

  • automated targets, electronic steel target hit indicators, attack targets

  • Range finders, binoculars, spotting scopes


Located in the mountains of PA, weather is always unpredictable. We never cancel due to weather. We find weather to be a training enhancer. You should too.


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