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Activity Details

General Admission

General Admission tickets are required for entry to the Machine Gun Shoot. With a General Admission ticket, you will be able to:

  • Walk behind the machine gun line and watch the action

  • Rent and shoot machine guns that are rented by various individuals and vendors

  • Shoot your own weapon in the "open" lane position based on availability and demand

  • Admission to the exhibitor and suppressor section

  • Enjoy free parking


$40 Day Pass CASH ONLY to be paid at the gate

$40 per person / day


Kids 13 years and under are free

*For our Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot we permit minors to attend the event, where those 14 years of age and older accompanied by a parent/guardian will be permitted to shoot, except for machine guns and canons.  Those under 14 years of age, who are accompanied by a parent/guardian, will only be permitted to observe.

Event Hours:

Saturday 6/3/17  10:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday   6/4/17  10:00am - 3:00pm

Food vendors will be onsite

Alcohol strictly prohibited

Local Directions (Monroeton, PA) for The Shooters Gauntlet and Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot:

  • At the intersection of Rt 220 and Rt 414, take Rt 414 West (Rt 414 begins here) appx. 2.6 miles

  • Left turn onto Brocktown Rd. (sign here for ROD'S GARAGE)

  • Take Brocktown Rd. appx 0.2 miles to Weston Rd.

  • Right turn onto Weston Rd. for 1.6 miles, cross over bridge to Millstone Rd.

  • Left turn onto Millstone Rd. appx. 2 miles to the main entrance (just past Stone Mountain Lodge)

Look for signs to the event and parking along Millstone Rd.
Note:  Please be courteous to our neighbors and their children by observing the speed limit.  In other words, please drive slowly

Special Activities

*No tracers or armor piercing ammo allowed

Assault Hike

Enjoy a hike through the woods with your assault rifle and engage both Steel and AUTOTARGETS! 

Shoot a Barrett 50 BMG

Shoot the heavy hitting semi-auto Barrett M107A1 50 BMG! Guarantee how many mags you would like to shoot.


Experience one of the best rifles around!

M107A1 50 BMG Price Structure:

1 mag = $100 CASH ONLY  to be paid on site

1100 Yard Range

One of the only 1100 yard ranges in the Northeast US, and we have made many improvements including a new covered platform. 


Where else can you ride a zip line and shoot a handgun? New and improved, this blood rushing experience is like no other! 

Inversion Diversion

Relocated and improved, two shooters upside down shoot at steel plate racks to see who is faster! 

Shoot the FN SCARS 16

Experience an adrenaline rush by shooting a fully automatic 5.56 SCARS.
Each MAG is 30 rounds and has a price of only $25. CASH ONLY to be paid on site

Shoot the Apocalyptic Desert Eagle 50AE

Shoot our newest addition to the Shooters Gauntlet family and feel what it's like if you needed to ward off evil immortals.  
$25 per 7 round MAG CASH ONLY to be paid on site
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