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Ernie Kirk

Summary of Qualifications

Ernie is the Lead Instructor for Krav Maga Universal and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga. Ernie was among the first group to become a licensed instructor in 1997.  He was the first person from this group to become a “Train the Trainer” instructor and the first to receive his Krav Maga Black Belt and was formerly Head of the Advisory Board for Krav Maga Worldwide. Ernie has trained with top Krav Maga instructors from all over the world including several weeks of advanced training and certification in Israel. Ernie conducts seminars around the US, the UK, Canada, Poland and Colombia.


He is trained in tactical pistol and carbine, has worked extensively with military and law enforcement agencies in small unit tactics, room entries, downed vehicle tactics, techniques and procedures. He has also completed courses in Direct Action Denied Area Operations, Close Quarter Combat, and Hand-to-Hand Combat, Simunition Scenarios, Empty Hand-to-Weapon Transitions, Resister Control and Handcuffing, Weapon Retention, Combatant Control and Control of Aggressive Subjects.



Work Experience

Ernie is a former schoolteacher who has been training in the Martial Arts for over 30 years. He is a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, a Black Belt in Goju-Kai, Combat Karate and Judo and holds an advanced brown Belt in Aikido. Besides having Kickboxed for 15 years, he is also experienced with knife defenses and attacks, the kuboton and restraint and control techniques as used by various police departments.


Ernie is a Certified Contact Weapon Defense and Control Instructor.  He has trained army rangers, us air force personnel, police departments from around the US, UK and Colombia, SWAT teams, Home Land Security, Federal Air Marshals, Secret Service, Tactical Officers Association is contracted as an instructor at Fort Dix and . He has been featured on the Discovery channel, New York times, Blind Date and worked on the television show HACK.


Recently Ernie has been contracted to teach homeland security Philadelphia office and also contracted to instructor the instructor cadre and military personnel at fort Dix military base in New Jersey. Ernie Kirks Krav Maga Universal curriculum has been approved and taught at air advisory academy for military personnel preparing to deploy to the middle east


Ernie has taught at many different martial arts organization conventions, trained army rangers, us air force personnel, police departments from around the US, UK and Colombia, SWAT teams, Home Land Security, Air Marshals and the Tactical Officers Association.


In addition to operating his very successful Premier Martial Arts school, he also conducts frequent seminars and workshops for businesses, organizations, local domestic violence centers and the community and police officers. He has also appeared on the Discovery Channel teaching self-defense techniques to both women and children.


Ernie is also the Wingate representative for the USA. Wingate is the National Sports Training Center in Israel where Krav Maga was created and Imi taught. Ernie holds a 4th degree under Wingate in Krav Maga.

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