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Exceed The Ordinary

The Mission

You arrive at a given location to meet your team leader, a retired US Army Combat Sniper. You will be escorted up the mountain 3 miles in military vehicles to our off-grid compound located in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.  You will train and be given food and water you prepare for the ultimate squad competition!


The goal? To defeat another team in a head to head competition trained by another US Army Combat Sniper!

Topics Overview


  • Understanding your equipment 

  • Basic Fundamentals

  • Data collection

  • Environmental effects

  • Ballistics

  • Mission Planning

  • Camouflage 

  • Application of ballistics

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Delta Range  (1485 yards)

  • Called Shots at distance 

  • Target Detection

  • Watercraft platform engagement

  • High angle fire

  • Undetected movement 

  • Real world scenario

  • Night fire

  • CQB pistol fire

The Snipers


Squad Viper

Squad Pumpkin

Squad Viper Leader
Justin Vititoe

Squad Pumpkin Leader
Tim Kellner


The Specifics


Off Grid Compound

  • Training

  • Shelter

  • Bunk

  • Camp pad

  • Food

  • Water

  • Weapons/ammo 

  • Military transport

  • Comradery

Not Included

  • Weather appropriate clothing*

  • Personal items 

  • Bar of soap, towel

  • 1 liter water bottle

  • Appropriate footwear

  • Eye/Ear protection

  • Sleeping bag or equivalent 

  • Snacks/other drinks of your choice

  • Photography allowed  


Fallen Hero Memorial

* Colder climate, hunting or tactical style clothing, camoflauge, tan or neutral colors only.



2023 Dates

  • No Prior Experience Necessary

  • Minimum Age 18

    • Ages 14-17 are allowed when accompanied with a parent/guardian who is also a participant

  • May 26             4-6pm (Check-in)

  • May 27-28        Train/compete

  • May 28              Awards dinner

  • May 29             10am (Check-out)


$3000 per person


*For those flying in, we are 1 hour from Elmira or Binghampton NY airports,  4 hours from NYC airports. 

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